Women Infertility- A Hindrance for Women Who Want to Conceive

Women infertility is one of the reasons why women failed to conceive. Statistics shows that every year, there are around 6 million women who suffer from infertility in the United States. Infertility often has mental and psychological impact not only on women but on their partners as well.

There are several factors that are associated with women infertility including cervical problems, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), and tubal defects. A cervical problem affects fertility by preventing the sperm to pass in the cervical canal. This may be attributed to abnormal production of mucus and may be treated through intrauterine inseminations. PID usually occurs after miscarriage, sexually transmitted disease (STD), or abortion. Scarring caused by PID account for around 20% of women infertility. A damaged or defected fallopian tube prevents the sperm to get to the egg.

With the use of modern science, the health and medical industry has developed several effective ways to treat women infertility. Various drugs and antibiotics are being administered to women with infertility issues including Clomid, Gonadotropins, Human Menopausal Gonadotropins (HMG), and Arimideix. Several surgical treatments are also available for serious cases of infertility such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), artificial insemination, and assisted reproductive technology (ART).

Some cases of women infertility can be prevent with proper lifestyle, healthy food habits, and healthy living, Women just need to be more observant regarding the changes in their body that might affect their ability to conceive. For serious cases of women infertility, several surgical treatments are already available to treat different kinds of fertility problems.

However, before undergoing any surgical treatment, women should consult their physician regarding the possible complications that might arise after the surgery to prevent any further damage in their reproductive health. With the help of these treatment options women may be able to fulfill their purpose of having a child and be a good mother.

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