The Role Played by Music in the Lives of Teenagers

Music plays a fundamental role in the lives of various individuals from various cultures. Through music, they can express their feelings and emotions. From hip hop to reggae and rock music, there is always someone who patronizes these music genres.

For the past centuries, music has evolved into something that every individual can appreciate. From using practical drums and other instruments, new musical instruments and performance methods have been created. Moreover, new music genres have also been developed including classical, jazz, rhythm & blues (R&B), rock, metal, and country music. As music evolved, the message it expresses also changed.

The emotions of musicians are often reflected in their music. The influence of music varies from teenager to teenager. It can affect children in negative and positive ways. Some parents are even concerned about the messages conveyed by several rock music. They believe that rock music that tackles issues about drugs, sex, violence, and alcohol has negative impact on teenage growth and development. Some studies also reveal that violent lyrics greatly contribute to youth violence. Moreover, sexually explicit lyrics are also being linked to the negative attitude of teenagers towards sex.

On the other hand, music can positively affect the lives of teenagers in some ways. One is that it gives them a sense of belonging and the freedom to express their feelings. It also helps teenagers deal with difficult life situations and control their emotions. Some teenagers believe that through music they can bridge the gap and reach with other people from different ethnicity, backgrounds, and levels in the society. It enables them to respect and appreciate people from different cultures and age groups.

Another benefit of music is that it gives teenagers the chance to enhance their musical abilities as well as their motor and listening skills. The faith of teenagers towards God as well as their spirituality is also enhanced through religious music. For others, listening to classical music helps them concentrate on their work and studies.

Music can both have negative and positive effects on the lives of teenagers. What parents can do is to pay attention to the kind of music that their children are listening to. By doing this, parents can also help in their child’s personal development. It is also important that they help their children determine the music that might have negative connotations. They should make sure that their children are not engaged into this type of music.

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