Summer Camps:A Great Place for Children to Spend Their Summer Break

If you ask children where they want to spend their summer break they usually have same answers: summer camps. Every year, majority of children opted to go to their favorite summer camp as a way to enjoy their summer vacation. Even parents wanted their children to spend their vacation on camps. But what is it in summer camps that make them popular among children and parents? Does their popularity means that they are beneficial?

The popularity of summer camps to children and youth has been capitalized by various individuals or organizations to establish different types of camps that will meet the different needs and preferences of children and youths. There are already summers camps that are specializing in arts, sports, and dance. Other types of summer camps include cheerleading camps, educational camps, and camps that are strictly for boys or girls.

Summer camps have different designations. In day camps, children usually participate in the camp’s daily activities and return to their own homes at night or in the afternoon. This designation is ideal for children whose parents are busy working the day but want to have some quality family time at night. On the other hand, overnight camps usually work by letting children stay in the camp for a certain period of time. Overnight camps are normally situated in mountains or wooded areas where children can experience building a camp fire and sleeping under the sound produced by nature.

By attending summer camps, children can have a healthy body as they are usually engage in various physical activities. Summer camps offer swimming, hiking, and running activities to keep the children entertained. They serve as a great place for children to laugh, relax, and have fun. Another benefit of summer camps is that it gives children the opportunity to connect with nature and appreciate its beauty. Outdoor activities help in enriching the perception of children about the world.

Summer camps also help children develop their sense of independence, leadership skills, and social skills. Since most summer camps do not allow parents, children tend to make decisions on their own. They also learn how to take care of themselves and make their own choices.

Summer camps enable children to be responsible and handle different situations. Because summer camps require children to interact with other children, they tend to improve their self esteem and meet new friends. Children learn to cooperate with others and to follow directions.

Through summer camps, children realize that they can still have fun even without using any form of technology such as cellphones and televisions. The programs offered in summer camps help children develop their artistic and sport abilities as well as positive values.

Another thing that children can learn in summer camps is the importance of respecting others and the environment.

Summer camps are beneficial in the lives of children. Children tend to become more independent and responsible when they join a summer camp. Summers camps also help children appreciate nature and respect others. If possible, parents should send their children to accredited summer camps during summer breaks.

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