Is Your Teenage Son or Daughter a Blogger

Gone are the days when most teenagers keep a diary where they can write and express their feelings, emotions, and inner thoughts. In today’s digital world, more and more people prefer to use blogs as a way to share their experiences, worries, opinions, and feelings.

Blogging enables teenagers to share these feelings to a wider audience in an effort to discuss ideas and start a conversation.

Another reason why teenagers create a blog is because they want to create their own identity and share their creativity. Many teenage bloggers aims to discover and shape their own identity by freely expressing their own self. Blogging can also serve as a source of healing, reflection, and inspirations to teenagers. But is blogging really beneficial to teenagers? To further understand that world of blogging, it is important that parents determine its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Blogging

It Helps Improve the Communication and Writing Skills of Teenagers: Creating blogs can improve the writing skills of teenagers by making them aware of their grammar and comprehension as well as their misspelling. Moreover, blogging can help them improve their communication skills since it gives them the opportunity to communicate and interact with their friends, families, and relatives.

It Helps Promote Better Self-Esteem: A study reveals that blogging is a great way to overcome social anxiety, self-esteem, and emotional distress that teenagers feel.

It Encourages Teenagers to Continue Their Hobbies: Since there so many topics that can be tackled when blogging, teenagers can choose the ones that interest them. These can include ideas about travel, music, art, and fashion. Blogging can help them find people with similar interests as theirs.

It Provides Career Possibilities: Writing a blog as well as reading blogs of other people can help teenagers have an idea on what type of degree they want to take in college. Teenagers who write travel blogs or food blogs can take up a course involving tourism, culinary, and even restaurant management.

It Helps Teenagers Connect With Professionals: Teenagers who constantly write a certain topic in their chosen subject of interest or field of study are more likely to attract someone who is an expert in the said field or subject. This expert can help teenagers increase their understanding about the subject. Blogging can also help them broaden their professional network.

Disadvantages of Blogging

Time Consuming: Teenagers need to constantly update their blogs in order to keep their readers interested and maintain or improve the internet traffic that the blog site generates. But due to various tasks that teenagers have to do both in school and at home, they may find it hard to have some time to create posts for their blog.

Criticism: There is always a great possibility that teenagers may face criticisms due to the content or topics of their blogs. Teenagers should be brave and strong enough to face these criticisms so that it will not have a huge impact on their lives.

Privacy: In some ways, the privacy of the blogger can be at risk when she operates a blog site. It is important that they limit the amount of personal information that they share on the site.

Teenagers are the ones who can determine if blogging is beneficial to them. It is important that they are responsible enough to know their limitations when writing blogs. They should also learn how to write a blog responsibly. They can experience the maximum advantage of blogging when they know how to use their skills and talents not only for their own benefits but for the benefits of others as well.

Blogging is beneficial to teenagers. However, it can also pose some risks when not used responsibly. Parents can help their teenage son or daughter enjoy the benefits of blogging by monitoring their posts and comments.

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