How Can You Help Your Teenager Girl Move on From a Break?

Teenage years are the time when teenagers began meeting other people, appreciate the opposite sex, and start dating. It is also the time when most of them experienced their first kiss and meet their first love. Some teenagers also experience their first relationship break-up during their teenage years.

Seeing their daughters go through the unhappiness and pain caused by a break-up is one of the worst feelings that parents can experience.

Moving on from the first break-up can be hard for teenage girls to handle. Likewise, helping their daughters move on is also harder for parents. However, teenagers need their parents’ support and love to help them manage the situation effectively. There are several ways that parents can do to help their teenage girls pick-up the broken pieces of their heart and move on.

Let Them Know That You’re Always There: Parents should let their daughters feel that they are always there to support and console them.

It is also important to encourage their teenage girls to share their feelings and emotions with them. Parents should also make themselves available whenever their daughters need someone to talk to. However, parents should prevent themselves from forcing their daughters to tell them what really happened. They should also avoid asking nosy questions. Their daughters will be the one to open up the topic if they are ready to discuss it.

Give Them Space: Parents need to understand that most teenagers want to spend time alone after a break-up. Some of them do not want their parents to see them hurting. Teenage girls also need time to assess what just happened and refocus themselves to become much a stronger person. There are also instances that teenage girls prefer to talk about the break-up with their closest friends instead of their parents. What parents can do is to assure their daughters that they will be there when they are ready to talk.

Encourage Them to Participate in Various Activities: Teenage girls are more likely to move on from a break up much faster if they participate in something that will divert their attention. Parents can enroll their teens in classes that they will love participating. It would also help if they go on a short trip or vacations especially when the break-up happened during school breaks. This activity will allow brokenhearted teenagers to meet other people.

Assure Them That There Are Other Boys Who Will Love to Date Them: Break-up can affect the self-esteem of teenage girls and make them g feel insecure. It is important that parents remind their daughters that some people have dated several individuals before they find their one true love. When needed, parents can treat their daughters by giving them a makeover. Teenage girls are more likely to be more confident if they feel attractive.

Getting hurt is part of being in a relationship. Suffering from a break-up can make teenagers feel insecure and unattractive. It can also cause pain, disappointment, and unhappiness. During this time of sorrow, it is important that parents guide their daughters and help them move on from this hurtful situation.

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